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In my mid-thirties I fell back into cycling (having cycled a lot in my earlier years) when a friend suggested we attempt a charity sportive. I found training for this was a fantastic diversion from my office based day job and very quickly picked back up some fitness again and was riding further and for longer.

At the beginning of 2017 I decided to join a cycling club to ride with a mix of different people and explore some new routes. Over the course of that year I amassed a good number of miles, improved my fitness further and made some fantastic new friends along the way. 

As the British Autumn/Winter descended later that year, I started my indoor training journey with Zwift. Coming from a scientific background, this was a game changer for me and I threw myself into a winter training plan and watched myself improve.

Over the course of the next couple of years I supplemented my outdoor rides with indoor Zwifting and continued to progress.

At the end of 2019 I added running and swimming into the mix with the aim of completing a Triathlon in 2020. Having run a lot of cross country back at school, running came back fairly quickly. Swimming technically efficient freestyle is another matter entirely though!

Plenty of plans existed for 2020, but most had to be shelved with the global pandemic. I did manage to complete a number of the Ironman Virtual Challenges though (including placing well in the Half Ironman distance in my age category).

Given there wasn't much sign of triathlons going ahead after a few months I decided to refocus and put an emphasis on the bike and improving at Zwift Racing in particular.

To that end I enlisted the services of a dedicated cycling coach and have been enjoying a fruitful relationship in that regard for a few months now.

That brings you up to date (Aug 20).

I intend to blog future progress, but also delve into some topics which have cropped up during the last few years of training. 

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